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Interstices 3 ''Take them out of the crate Joe." The Surface of Detail in John O'Shea's Runaway Abstract   PDF
Laurence Simmons
Interstices 1 'after Titian' : Intertextuality and Deconstruction in an Early Painting by Colin McCahon Abstract   PDF
Laurence Simmons
Interstices 2 A House in the West Abstract   PDF
Bill McKay
Interstices 17 A new agora: A project(ion) on the sub-centre Abstract   PDF
Grace Salisbury Mills, Sam Kebbell
Interstices 10 Adam’s House Again Abstract   PDF
Joseph Rykwert
Interstices 13 After the Aftershocks Abstract   PDF
Tom Daniell
Interstices 9 After the Crash (Book Review) Abstract   PDF
Andrew Barrie
Interstices 14 Ambient atmospheres: Exhibiting the immaterial in works by Italian Rationalists Edoardo Persico and Franco Albini Abstract   PDF
Ross Jenner
Interstices 9 An Architectural History of the Canterbury Hebrew Congregation Abstract   PDF
Gay Sweely
Interstices 2 An Architectural Metaphor: the Destining of Imhotep Stone Abstract   PDF
Michael Linzey
Interstices 12 An Opening of Tanwir Abstract   PDF
Rafik Patel
Interstices 11 Architectural Drawings do not Represent Abstract   PDF
Mike Linzey
Interstices 16 Architectural projects of Marco Frascari: The pleasure of a demonstration. Sam Ridgway Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Hale
Interstices 1 Architectural Titans: Keats and the Problem of Rebirth Abstract   PDF
John Dickson
Michael J. Ostwald
Interstices 13 Architecture and Violence, edited by Bechir Kenzari (A review) Abstract   PDF
Sean Pickersgill
Interstices 12 Architecture As an Art of Immersion (2006) (translated by A.-Chr. Engels-Schwarzpaul) Abstract   PDF
Peter Sloterdijk
Interstices 14 Athfield Architects by Julia Gatley (book review) Abstract   PDF
Marshall Cook
Interstices 18 Atmospheric Architectures: The Aesthetics of Felt Spaces. Gernot Böhme. Edited/translated by A-C. Engels-Schwarzpaul Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Hale
2018: Auckland School Centenary Special Issue Auckland School of Architecture and Planning Centenary, 2017 PHOTOGRAPHIC RECORD Abstract   PDF
Various *
Interstices 16 Augmenting The Bench Abstract   PDF
Carola Moujan
Interstices 13 Being (in the Midst of) Two: Interstice and deconstitution in cinema and architecture Abstract   PDF
Michael Tawa
Interstices 10 Benoît Goetz: A French reader of Rykwert’s On Adam’s House in Paradise Abstract   PDF
Tim Adams
Interstices 18 Between colour and pattern: Ruskin’s ambivalent theory of constructional polychromy Abstract   PDF
Anuradha Chatterjee
Interstices 3 Between the Lines: Expressing the Particular in the Discourse of Surveying Abstract   PDF
Giselle Byrnes
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