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Interstices 9 Pulp Fictions and Interior Life (Exhibition Review) Abstract   PDF
Sarah Treadwell
Interstices 13 (re) Findings: Discovery and memory in the architecture and legacy of surrealism Abstract   PDF
Michael Chapman
Interstices 12 Reflective Interiors: The Pepsi Pavilion and the Tower of the Sun Abstract   PDF
Kate Linzey
Interstices 9 Refusal of Home? Architecture Ex-Patriota Abstract   PDF
David Beynon
Interstices 12 Restless Containers: Thinking interior space – across cultures Abstract   PDF
A.-Chr. Engels-Schwarzpaul Engels-Schwarzpaul
Interstices 17 Resurfacing memories: Mnemonic and tactile representations of family history in the making of new heirlooms Abstract   PDF
Penelope Forlano, Dianne Smith
Interstices 11 Re-tracing History: Drawing the anti-monument Abstract   PDF
Michael J Ostwald, Chris Tucker, Michael Chapman
Interstices 5 RE-VISITING MAE WEST'S FACE Abstract   PDF
Gordana Kostich-Lefebvre
Interstices 3 Reykiavik High Court, Iceland Abstract   PDF
Mark Goulthorpe
Mike Austin
Interstices 2 Sacrifice and Signification in the Poetry of Allen Curnow Abstract   PDF
Alex Calder
Interstices 11 Scale as the Representation of an Idea, the Dream of Architecture and the Unravelling of a Surface Abstract   PDF
Susan Hedges
Interstices 11 Seeing in Section: The practice of photogrammatic drawing Abstract   PDF
Shelley F. Martin
Interstices 11 Sep Yama: “Ground you cannot see” Finding Country (a primer) (exhibition review) Abstract   PDF
Carol Go-Sam
Interstices 9 Serendipity: Between Making a Magazine and Writing History Abstract   PDF
Justine Clark
Interstices 2 Shaky Ground Abstract   PDF
Paul Walker
Interstices 15 Shigeru Ban: Cardboard Cathedral; Andrew Barrie Abstract   PDF
Thomas Daniell
Interstices 13 Shotgun Houses and Housing Projects: Architectural typology and memory techniques of two New Orleans reconstruction scenarios Abstract   PDF
William Taylor
Interstices 1 Silence, Solitude, Suffering, and the Invention of New Zealand (A fictitious story) Abstract   PDF
Francis Pound
Interstices 10 Simple or Simplistic? Abstract   PDF
Patrick Clifford
Interstices 10 Sites of Defence Within Picturesque Scenes: Late eighteenth century representations of natural architecture in New Zealand Abstract   PDF
Paul James, Robin Skinner
Interstices 9 So High You Can’t Get Over It: Neo-classicism, Modernism and Colonial Practice in the Forming of a Twentieth-century Architectural Landmark Abstract   PDF
Michael Findlay
Interstices 1 Speaking To and Talking About: Maori architecture Abstract   PDF
Michael Linzey
Interstices 13 Spinoza's Geometric Ecologies Abstract   PDF
Peg Rawes
Interstices 11 Splendour and Miseries of Architectural Construction Drawings Abstract   PDF
Marco Frascari
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