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Interstices 10 Public/Private Concerning the Concept of Threshold Abstract   PDF
Riken Yamamoto
Interstices 9 Pulp Fictions and Interior Life (Exhibition Review) Abstract   PDF
Sarah Treadwell
Interstices 13 (re) Findings: Discovery and memory in the architecture and legacy of surrealism Abstract   PDF
Michael Chapman
Interstices 12 Reflective Interiors: The Pepsi Pavilion and the Tower of the Sun Abstract   PDF
Kate Linzey
Interstices 9 Refusal of Home? Architecture Ex-Patriota Abstract   PDF
David Beynon
Interstices 12 Restless Containers: Thinking interior space – across cultures Abstract   PDF
A.-Chr. Engels-Schwarzpaul Engels-Schwarzpaul
Interstices 17 Resurfacing memories: Mnemonic and tactile representations of family history in the making of new heirlooms Abstract   PDF
Penelope Forlano, Dianne Smith
Interstices 11 Re-tracing History: Drawing the anti-monument Abstract   PDF
Michael J Ostwald, Chris Tucker, Michael Chapman
Interstices 5 RE-VISITING MAE WEST'S FACE Abstract   PDF
Gordana Kostich-Lefebvre
Interstices 3 Reykiavik High Court, Iceland Abstract   PDF
Mark Goulthorpe
Mike Austin
Interstices 2 Sacrifice and Signification in the Poetry of Allen Curnow Abstract   PDF
Alex Calder
2018: Auckland School Centenary Special Issue Sarosh Mulla and Aaron Paterson, Penumbral Reflections, Objectspace, Auckland, May 12– June 23, 2018 EXHIBITION REVIEW Abstract   PDF
Sam Kebbell
Interstices 11 Scale as the Representation of an Idea, the Dream of Architecture and the Unravelling of a Surface Abstract   PDF
Susan Hedges
Interstices 11 Seeing in Section: The practice of photogrammatic drawing Abstract   PDF
Shelley F. Martin
Interstices 11 Sep Yama: “Ground you cannot see” Finding Country (a primer) (exhibition review) Abstract   PDF
Carol Go-Sam
Interstices 9 Serendipity: Between Making a Magazine and Writing History Abstract   PDF
Justine Clark
Interstices 2 Shaky Ground Abstract   PDF
Paul Walker
2018: Auckland School Centenary Special Issue Shifting Grounds: Conceptions of the Homeland and the Journey to Emergence Abstract   PDF
Lucy Vete
Interstices 15 Shigeru Ban: Cardboard Cathedral; Andrew Barrie Abstract   PDF
Thomas Daniell
Interstices 13 Shotgun Houses and Housing Projects: Architectural typology and memory techniques of two New Orleans reconstruction scenarios Abstract   PDF
William Taylor
Interstices 1 Silence, Solitude, Suffering, and the Invention of New Zealand (A fictitious story) Abstract   PDF
Francis Pound
Interstices 10 Simple or Simplistic? Abstract   PDF
Patrick Clifford
Interstices 10 Sites of Defence Within Picturesque Scenes: Late eighteenth century representations of natural architecture in New Zealand Abstract   PDF
Paul James, Robin Skinner
Interstices 9 So High You Can’t Get Over It: Neo-classicism, Modernism and Colonial Practice in the Forming of a Twentieth-century Architectural Landmark Abstract   PDF
Michael Findlay
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